Down to the Wire Auctions

About Us

As the two baseball cards slowly fluttered to the ground, I anxiously hovered over them. I felt the butterflies in my stomach…a feeling of joy overcame me…I looked down and I saw two faces staring up at me…I couldn’t believe it. I had won…and I was hooked.

It was the summer of ‘62. I had just won my first baseball card in a game called “flip a card”. The object was to flip a card simultaneously with your opponent much like you flipped a coin. As you released it the designated player would shout “up” or “down”. I had shouted “up” so if both cards land with the players face up, I keep both cards. Hence my collecting spirit was born.

The collecting spirit is what my son Adam and I wanted to nurture and expand. As a result, we established Down to the Wire Auctions.

We are a family run business with 60 years of collecting experience. We aspire to rejuvenate that collecting spirit in long time collectors as well as instill it in folks new to the collecting community.

We will do this in the following ways.

-We will feature lots with starting bids from $3.00 to $3,000 in every auction.

-Most of our sportscards are graded. For those that are not, we stand behind their authenticity. Should any fail authentication we will refund all charges in return for the original card and written attestation from the 3rd party grading service. This includes all premium, shipping, handling and insurance fees.

-The same applies to autographed cards or photos. Just contact us and return the item as outlined above and we will handle the rest.

-As a father/son run business we are available by phone from 8:00 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week. On auction closing days we will extend those hours to 11 PM. Although emails are fine, we want to talk to our bidders and answer any questions or address any concerns as quickly as possible.

-As a lifelong collector I have been the dissatisfied customer on multiple occasions and I guarantee that you will be pleased with the customer service that we will provide. The most frustrating thing is to have an urgent email or voicemail replied to days later; long after the auction has closed.

-Our lot descriptions will be accurate and concise. Any autographed item will be noted as such in the description.

Joe Charielle, Down To The Wire Auctions